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We Build Ideas

We are a team of innovators with diverse skill sets in technology and business aspects that will help conceptualize our idea.

Blueprinting & UX

The Blueprint is the Map and the UX is Key to any Great Project. We shall draft requirements, do wireframes, mockups, setup focus groups, engage illustrators and interaction designer, until the design comes to life, works great and feels right


You probably heard of many programming languages, platforms, frameworks, databases, continuous integration, etc. Leave it to us, we certainly know our tools and will adapt to your requirements.

Product Management

Need help in releasing your product to the market and managing it? We got you covered. We will setup your infrastructure, website, support site, documents, give you tools and even dress you to impress your customer.

Start building with DFX 5.0

We'd love to hear from you to discuss web design, product
development or to hear your new startup idea.