What is the difference between a Call Center and a Contact Center, and why it matters for your business

A Call Center, as defined by Wikipedia is a “centralized office used for receiving and transmitting a large volume of enquiries by telephone,” others define it as a centralized department to which phone calls from current and potential customers are directed for both inbound and outbound calls. The key aspects in defining a call center are its ‘centralized’ mentality on a fixed location and the use of a telephone. By centralized its understood to mean one location (it can be multiple physical sites) but it’s understood as being a funnel for all inquiries via the phone.

A Contact Center on the other hand as defined by AWS is “a business division within an organization that manages customer interactions. Unlike a call center, which receives requests only by telephone, the contact center handles inbound and outbound customer communication over multiple channels such as telephone, web, chat, email, messaging apps, social media, text, fax, and traditional mail. Contact centers use various types of advanced technology to help resolve customer issues quickly, to track customer engagements, and to capture interaction and performance data. Contact centers are usually operated either by an internal department or outsourced to a third-party provider.”

We all know that customer experiences are key drivers for both success (when good) and ruin (when bad). Therefore it is important to empower call agents and all staff members with the tools necessary to help clients solve issues, generate new sales and provide the best customer experience possible. The contact center is one such tool, that enables the creation of said positive customer experiences.

The Contact Center provides users with choices on how they would like to better engage with your brand. The best customer experience starts with the medium for engagement and that must meet the expectation of your users. Provide the options and let the customer choose !

At DFX-5 we believe and have proven how new sales can be generated via efficient contact center experiences. For some companies the customer support line is a method to deal with complaints and returns, however we convert that strategy into a sales driven approach, in which the contact center now becomes a store. We achieve this by empowering an agent to integrate CRM systems, use keywords and phrases to offer special segmented promotions and to better provide a menu of options for the user to select. The objective is to provide incentives that are defined specifically based on the client type.

At DFX-5 not only are contact centers points of sales, they are also efficiency creators which in turn decrease operating costs. The contact center dashboard enables your agent to complete calls quicker and to provide feedback and notes all in one easy to reach dashboard. Additionally, developing a set of chat bots that can provide quick answers to users and resolve mundane tasks, greatly helps to alleviate the work load of the contact center agents.

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