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Digital marketing with DFX5

The cloud-based tools provided by DFX5 enable your firm to increase agility and establish a robust analytics platform. All provided in cost effective manner with easy to understand pay as you go billing. We have helped organizations develop and run advertising campaigns at a global scale with millions of messages sent and received, working with petabytes of data, and responding with micro-second latency. By leveraging the tools and products of AWS, we assist your firm build faster, operate more cost-effectively, and run virtually.

DFX5 featured use cases are: 

Data analysis

For a retailer based in South Florida we enabled advertising and customer events analysis at 70% lower costs than legacy systems. The integration allowed for efficient customer behavior tracking that was then used to generate new ads and sales campaign. The system gathered all data in easy to use dashboards that visualized data gathering, processing and evaluations. The formation of a data lake allows for a centralized repository that manages all company data and controls access and security. All done within cloud-based environments with robust encryption ad protection for PII data and with quick disaster recovery methodologies.

Identity Graph

Target users faster and with more accuracy. DFX5 has configured for a company in the Caribbean a fully managed graph database in the cloud. The novel database uses innovative technologies for the mapping and unifying of relationships for billions of events with micro-second latency. Together with other cloud-based tools like machine learning and serverless computing allows for the most innovative database setup available.

Programmatic Advertising

For any firm the process of scaling and optimizing real-time-bids is cumbersome and can lead to overallocation of funds. With DFX5 automated tools we remove the guessing work and rely on automated computer systems that always analyze 24/7 (365) the best time to place a bid at acceptable threshold price levels. The process of bidding and auctions can be scaled up/down automatically across the cloud and optimize bid decision-making, analyze supply path, and improve ad serving with micro-second latency. Additional benefits include cloud agility and scalability at low cost. In our experience your data team will love the flexibility to experiment with machine learning and advanced analytics tools for programmatic advertising that leads to more segmented and targeted campaigns.

Personalized Experience

Feel confident and relax that your firm does not need to have previous machine learning expertise. Leverage DFX5’s certified AI professionals to start personalizing content and enhancing customer experiences. The toolkit of services for marketers is expansive and can include direct communications, automated responses, proactive alarms, and even fully autonomous conversational interfaces. All tools within the kit are designed to increase dwell times and improve personalized experiences between clients and your brand. DFX5 is one of a few companies around the globe that has developed machine learning services for individualized recommendations. Think Netflix or YouTube video recommendations, we have implemented similar systems for financial firms, retailers, and health organizations. Empower your team to use the same technologies used by world-leading firms like Facebook and


Analyzing and reporting billions of events per day, apply machine learning to understand the behavior of customer journey from views to purchases. It all with AWS data lakes, databases and machine learning.

DFX5 has a certified AWS specialist that can handle areas like AWS data lakes, business intelligent, machine learning, and AI to support your digital marketing.

DFX5 is a global company with offices in Miami, Prague, and San Juan. Focused on technology consulting, DFX5 specializes in the use of innovative solutions, offered by Amazon Web Services. The DFX5 team is composed of cloud experts who are certified as Solutions Architects, Professionals, and Specialists in fields like Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, and more.

DFX5 delivers best-in-class solutions following best-practices and well-architected frameworks. Our proven success with Fortune 500 companies around the world is a testament to the utmost commitment we have with our clients. At DFX5 we are honored that our clients bestow upon us the confidence to manage their technology infrastructure. We are emboldened to continue growing and expanding our services following our proven methodologies.

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