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DFX5 is assisting energy firms accelerate their rate of adoption to cloud native solutions that provide cost effieciencies and increased profitability. The energy sector is in the midst of a major global transformation with unexpected volatility. A rapidly increasing share of renewable energy generation, wide-scale adoption of distributed energy resources (DER), decarbonization of the global economy, electrification of transportation, and digitization are impactful trends reshaping the industry. Modern linear value chains supporting one-way power flow from centralized generation to end customers are giving way to a more sustainable and dynamic energy system. Contact us today to find out how the team at DFX5 can help your energy firm.


Control Center: Centralized location for tracking all core operations or particular division KPI’s

Change Management: Identify business opportunities by developing client-centric products and services in cost-efficient cloud platforms

Upstream Operations Management: toolset to assist in securing drilling equipment, industry specific services and integration of third party data providers

Asset Management (IoT): Integrate devices into a centralized location for easy integration and monitoring. Our services can send an alert or notification if an IoT device becomes unavailable or falls above/below specific thresholds (any call to action can be configured) all done in real-time

Drilling Operations: Monitor in real-time all drilling operations, configure alarms and alerts for notifications when specific actions occur and forecast operational outcomes

Fraud Detection: Our proprietary LOGAN machine learning solution can identify multiple types of fraud (i.e. credit card transactions, questionable purchases, stolen credit cards, abuse in subscription services and returns, and shrinkage)

Risk Management (SSHEA): Safety, Security, Health and Environment performance tracking, predictive analytics and interactive dashboards

Why Choose DFX5?

DFX5 is a global company with offices in Miami, Prague, and San Juan. Focused on technology consulting, DFX5 specializes in the use of innovative solutions, offered by Amazon Web Services. The DFX5 team is composed of cloud experts who are certified as Solutions Architects, Professionals, and Specialists in fields like Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, and more.

DFX5 delivers best-in-class solutions following best-practices and well-architected frameworks. Our proven success with Fortune 500 companies around the world is a testament to the utmost commitment we have with our clients. At DFX5 we are honored that our clients bestow upon us the confidence to manage their technology infrastructure. We are emboldened to continue growing and expanding our services following our proven methodologies.

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