Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM provides a gatekeeping framework for the proper configuration of control access for users, groups, and automated systems. The framework prevents the misuse of access policies, supervises permissible behaviors, and eliminates threats.

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Take a control over users of your cloud environments

The IAM framework provides a series of approved techniques and mechanisms to allow access controls in a safe and secure manner. The framework will usually control the process of authentication (which identifies that the resource is being accessed by who is truly accessing the resource) and authorization (which identifies if the resource is being accessed by an approved user).

At DFX5 we design IAM frameworks that prevent misuse of resources, supervises behavior, and eliminates threats. To prevent misuse of resources we track security credentials, such as access keys, passwords, and IP-addresses used for authentication and authorization. By tracking and monitoring all events we can then identify patterns of suspicious behaviors. Once certain security protocols are triggered the system will automatically remove access and rights to the identified threat user or role. Additional corrective actions like proactive alerts, notifications, or account-lock can be configured.

The IAM framework will guide how users, security credentials, and applications are managed. Advanced control measures like multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be easily added to the IAM framework. Large organizations require the integration of pre-existing active directories with their cloud services. At DFX5 we can quickly provide identity federation using a single sign-on service called AWS SSO. AWS SSO makes it easy to centrally manage federated access to multiple AWS accounts and business applications and to provide users with simple access point for all applications.

The IAM framework can provide alternate levels of control and access to users based on their role or job responsibilities within the organization. At DFX5, we design IAM frameworks that can provide different teams in diverse environments a variety of privileges and permissions that are pertinent exclusively to their job duties. The multi-account strategy takes advantages of the cloud-native services like AWS Organizations which helps to centrally govern all cloud environments and the services and products used within each.

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