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Cloud based contact center without prior investment. With revolutionary pricing model you pay only for customer connected minutes.

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Implement in just minutes, a modern contact center that is always ready to serve your customers’ needs with personalized experiences, open 24/7 (365), with Amazon Connect

DFX5 is a recognized partner that develops scalable and flexible contact centers for enterprise clients. Our centralized contact center solutions provide unlimited potential and easily integrate with all cloud services. We are experts at unifying back-end systems with customer facing experiences in order to increase dwell time, yield higher average ticket prices, and improve overall customer relationships. Go ahead and empower your call center with other services, such as chatbots, artificial intelligence, and automated campaigns.

 Nowadays, more and more companies find that virtual contact with customers is not just expected, but at times exclusive. A firm who fails to engage digitally will find it harder to out-perform their competitors. Its not just in e-commerce, it’s evident in the financial sector, energy markets, and many more verticals. Firms who react to real-time scenarios are vastly outperforming those who do not act upon market conditions as they are changing. The result is that a firm must pay close attention to how people engage with their brand, how they visit their stores or sites, and how they reach out to get more information, via phone, text, social media, or google search. Understanding what channel and for what purpose your clients engage will lead to new methods for sales and increased revenue. Novel methodologies to serve client needs promptly and professionally when they reach out to your company can be a key to their loyalty! Luckily, Amazon Connect is not just call center, it goes beyond the call, it integrates chat services, back-end systems, databases, 3rd party tools, CRM’s, and many more.

Historically, provisioning infrastructure ready to adjust to current contact center demands was not cheap. Old fashion contact center solutions required expenses in hardware and licenses, which discouraged companies since these high-upfront fees are a big burden. Further, after such investment is made, then there is little to no justification to change systems given the high price of entry. Amazon Connect completely removes this burden by eliminating all upfront cost. No upfront fee. Pay only for what you used in the preceding days. With the Cloud environment on top of which is Amazon Connect built, companies running their contact centers pay only for what they use, and contact center is scaled to meet current loads, as necessary.

Thanks to this revolutionary pricing model brought by Amazon Connect, which was naturally inherited from the AWS Cloud pricing based on “pay only for what you use” motto, from now on, implementation of the contact center doesn’t mean upfront expenses. Using Amazon Connect services is billed per customer connected minutes to the contact center. This means contact center can be up and running in few minutes and worrying about payments comes after company is already enjoying modern contact center platform.

Do not hesitate to contact DFX5, a unique Amazon Connect partner recognized as one of only a dozen companies around the world, for our excellent completion of the Services Delivery Program (SDP) in Amazon Connect. The SDP recognizes companies that have vast experience helping enterprises develop their own contact centers following best-practices and AWS standards. DFX5’s Connect teams are composed of certified Solution Architects that have assisted multiple Fortune 500 companies develop top of the line contact centers. Get started today, contact us for a free assessment.

DFX5 is a global company with offices in Miami, Prague, and San Juan. Focused on technology consulting, DFX5 specializes in the use of innovative solutions, offered by Amazon Web Services. The DFX5 team is composed of cloud experts who are certified as Solutions Architects, Professionals, and Specialists in fields like Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, and more.

DFX5 delivers best-in-class solutions following best-practices and well-architected frameworks. Our proven success with Fortune 500 companies around the world is a testament to the utmost commitment we have with our clients. At DFX5 we are honored that our clients bestow upon us the confidence to manage their technology infrastructure. We are emboldened to continue growing and expanding our services following our proven methodologies.

Do not hesitate to contact us, and we can emerge on the journey together!

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