Protection of public interfaces

Safeguard publicly accessed interfaces and access points. Mitigate risks by eliminating security vulnerabilities and implementing best in class protection mechanisms that identify threats and remove intrusive attacks.

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Protect the most vulnerable points of your cloud environments

Public interfaces are points of access for your customers, clients, and users. The access points can be used for brand awareness, product exploration, or checkout process. Regardless of the use of the access point, protecting its integrity and monitoring traffic is of the utmost importance. Attackers who seek to exploit vulnerable applications, look for vulnerable access points that are susceptible of being overrun. Taking control over an access point can have high impact on all business systems and data. Therefore, all businesses should take implement security mechanisms for each public accessed interface.

At DFX5, we use a variety of tools provided by AWS to protect access points. Now you can use the same mechanisms that Amazon uses to protect their online store to defend your business. The products offered by AWS as the same used by world-leading organizations like Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Amazon. No upfront costs. Only pay for what you use and innovate with more cloud flexibility by using DFX5 solutions. At DFX5 we integrate machine learning and AI into security by using automated guards, proactive notifications, and advanced suspicious pattern recognition algorithms to protect from common threats like DDoS (distributed denial of service), injections, cross site scripting, brute force attacks or frauds.

The certified security experts at DFX5 have helped to protect a variety of publicly accessible webpages and access points for enterprise organizations that require complex industry-based compliance. The team has guided clients navigate the complexities of security and are ready to help you. Expect an overall risk and security assessment to first understand your situation, associated risks, vulnerabilities in infrastructure, and prepare a roadmap to become a fully secure organization. The roadmap is data-driven and enables you to have the right security control measures with respect of your business, security threats, and budget.

Go ahead and take advantage of the secure solutions like AWS Shield, AWS Firewalls, AWS GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, Amazon Detective, AWS Security Hub, and many more. 

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