You have probably heard that data is the new oil, but at DFX5 we use data as soil to fertilize your call center operations with upgraded insights and real-time dashboards designed for ad-hoc queries. In this blog, we will explore the DFX5 proprietary solution called SPOT, which helps customers operate their Amazon Connect contact center by integrating operations with data analytics that enable real-time visualizations for the discovery of actionable insights.

The mathematician Clive Humby coined the phrase that data was the new oil for its ability to generate a pipeline of funds akin to an oil company’s operations. Years later, experience has taught us that data is not a finite resource that is to be extracted, refined, and sold. Instead, data is like soil, made to be used for plants to grow. While the seeds can vary in size and variety, the soil remains consistent. That same soil can be shared between plants, tilth for cultivation, sold to others, stored safely, or reused. At DFX5 we are of the school of thought that data is to be treated like fertile soil designed to improve your operations. With that mindset we designed SPOT.

SPOT creates an event-based pipeline for your contact center. All touchpoints or customer engagement interactions are tracked and logged. The safe and secure cloud-based logbook is in an easy to use format that follows your business logic and schema. By unveiling logs in an interpretable language that does not require digging for the ‘needle in the haystack’ your business will uncover actionable data in real-time. With the discovery of the real-time insight, your business gains flexibility to act or adapt to market conditions. Managers consistently request us to extract this hard-to-find information into a secure centralized location that gathers and combines all key performance indicators in one safe place. SPOT is that location.

SPOT integrates data from a variety of sources, in fact some of my colleagues’ brag that SPOT can integrate all data sources, regardless of size, file type, frequency, or location. While officially we cannot make such claim, let us just say we are extremely confident that your data sources will be integrated into SPOT without delay. Typical data sources include contact center metrics, queue’s load, agent’s performance, call metrics, 3rd party sources, and much more. All integrated into one data lake location that is safe, secure, and easily shareable between authorized users. After the data is integrated then it is refined and curated for consumption.

SPOT refines and curates the integrated data for down stream business consumption. One key task in all SPOT configurations is data cleansing or scrubbing. While not always the case, data tends to need some transformation before use. Think of misplaced characters, a date where there should have been a name or a number, lower caps where you expect upper, and many more typical data issues. These transformations are easily performed at SPOT. Once the data is refined, then additional new fields or parameters may need to be created. In this scenario we combine sources, apply some mathematical equation or formula, or do some other change that creates a new data parameter. The new data parameters are then placed into a shareable location that enables team collaboration through real-time reports and dashboards.

Once SPOT has integrated the sources, scrubbed the data, and developed new parameters, then it is ready to start answering any subject specific question. Configure the reports to gauge the productivity of your staff, the utilization rate of agents, customer sentiments, customer wait times, call flows, delays, and any other customizable key performance indicator. In fact, using SPOT a manager can visually see and even intervene in a live call, with caller and agent information, call transcript (can be translated from multiple languages if necessary), customer sentiment, among many other key metrics. With SPOT you have the ability to oversee operations in real-time and intervene at any moment if necessary.

With SPOT you understand what is happening as it is happening. Configure any metric and modify web layouts to suit your needs. Highlight specific KPI’s like wait times, time to resolution, service levels, percentage of abandoned calls, and customer sentiment. These metrics can be aggregated following a pre-defined scheduled and generated into specific reports that are shareable.

But wait there is more, access SPOT from any location using any device. The solution fits in a mobile screen, just open your preferred web browser, log in, and start gaining real-time actionable insights. SPOT is available 24/7 (365).

SPOT is fully customizable. Any metric can be added, modified, or removed. Layouts can be changed to match your company’s logo and designs.

If you are interested in learning more about SPOT, please do not hesitate to reach out by leaving your contact information below, texting us, slack us, or visit our offices.

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